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GHZ Matra AG


GHZ - MATRA - Marketing, Trading & Service für Versandhandel Aktiengesellschaft

Max-Volmer-Str. 14

40724 Hilden - Germany


P. +49 2103 3959-0

F. +49 2103 3959-40

E. info[at]



Dr. Jochen Riemen



Supervisory Board

Franz Robens



Commercial register

Amtsgericht Düsseldorf

HRB 46306


DE 812 477 545

Value added tax identification number according to § 27a UStG


GLN (formerly ILN)

42 500079 0000 1

Global Location Number


WEEE Reg. No.

DE 62364351

Registration number according to § 6 ElektroG

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